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E-mail is a staple of modern business communication. In fact, many of us spent a significant part of our workdays reading and answering e-mail. It doesn't have to be this way. Sugester - a simple, cloud-based e-mail management tool - is here.

Instantly improve relations with your customers.

Keep your existing addresses

No need to create new mailboxes - redirecting your mail to Sugester takes just minutes. Sending mail from your old addresses is just as easy.

Made for businesses

We built Sugester with entrepreneurs in mind. Features like canned responses, response rating and time management will help your company grow.

Tons of features

E-mail isn't everything. This is why Sugester includes a simple CRM module, file sharing, forum hosting and more - it's everything you need to work productively.

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With Sugester
e-mail is better than ever

Painless migration

Transitioning to new software doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. In Sugester setting up redirects, new outgoing addresses and importing your mail archive can be done in minutes.
Not a tech buff? It's okay - we're happy to help!


A single inbox

No more overlooked mail, forgotten tasks and ignored forum posts. Sugester's inbox collects all relevant communications in a single, familiar inbox. Stop worrying about technicalities, and concentrate on what you do best.


Quick replies made easy

The faster you answer their questions, the happier your customers are. Instead of typing up the same response a million times, just create a few templates for the most frequently asked questions. Save time and make your customers happier - what's not to like?


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