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Sugester is a simple and powerful time management solution. Our tools let you keep track of time spent on single tasks and entire projects; you can also track time worked by employees and generate timesheets as well as invoices. It's also a great way to increase efficiency and motivate your team.

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Automated time tracking

Time tracking can be automatically triggered by preset actions, such as logging in to the company network or an app.

Activity register

Our open API makes it easy to track team members' actions in external apps, such as GitHub, Slack and many more.

Quick reports

Sugester makes it easy to generate timesheets for projects and team members; you can also use the data to instantly generate invoices, bills and more.

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How you'll benefit from using Sugester

Never forget to fill out a timesheet

With Sugester your precious time is always accounted for. An automated reminder will make sure that your timesheet is always up to date.

Effortlesly create reports and invoices

Sugester is the perfect solution if you bill your clients per hour. You can export comprehensive, readable reports as standard .xls and .csv files.

Motivate your team

Time tracking promotes a positive work culture, introduces more transparency to your team and motivates employees to complete tasks on time.

Integrate other apps

Making Sugester work with other apps you use is very simple. We provide an open API, which makes integrating with external services such as e-mail services, GitHub, Slack and more a breeze.

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