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Sugester is a SaaS startup founded on March 4th 2015 and based in Warsaw, Poland. Our product is an integrated communications platform, combining the features of a helpdesk system with robust task and information management functionalities - we include companies like Zendesk, Freshdesk and UserVoice among our competition. 

Sugester begun as a side project of the creators of InvoiceOcean, an e-invoicing app. It quickly evolved and attracted its own user base, including such companies as Lenovo Poland, Carrefour Poland and more. We have recently received 1m PLN ($270,000/€250,000) in VC funding from Inovo, at a valuation of over 3m PLN (around $1,000,000/€1,000,000).

Sugester's team is currently made up of Marcin Stefaniak (CEO, CTO), Michał Stefaniak (CMO), Paweł Deryło (co-founder), Michał Zubrzycki, Mateusz Kitlas, Sylwia Cerecka, Maria Seta, Alexander Repnikov and Szymon Ozimek. We are currently working hard to move up from MVP status to create a polished experience for our users. Our favorite tech includes Ruby on Rails, ReactJS and Bootstrap.

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