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Gamification is the practice of applying game mechanics to non-gaming contexts - such as the workplace. At Sugester we do this by introducing healthy competition to everyday office tasks as well as online forum interactions. With gamification, team members and users receive game-like rewards for completing actions such as resolving support tickets and posting helpful forum replies. This leads not only to increased efficiency, but also higher satisfaction.

How it works

Just copy and paste

Everything starts with our widget. To get it just copy several lines of code, paste them into your website's code and - that's it.

Instant rankings, badges and more

Users who contribute valuable content are rewarded with votes. These increase their rank and can be used to obtain titles and badges.

Integrate with social media

Don't scare away your users with a registration page - our Facebook integration makes for a familiar, frictionless experience.

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What's in it for me?

Gamification motivates

Gamification makes everyday chores and duties more engaging. Adding the element of competition (such as a scoreboard) to tasks like answering e-mail or replying to forum questions makes them significantly more enjoyable. And is there anything better than doing work you enjoy?

Gamification gives you a clear picture

With a system of points, ranks or badges in place, it's always clear who's performing how. There is no more dissatisfaction caused by subjective appraisal criteria - objective metrics of particular activites are always easily available.

Gamification speeds things up

Time flies when you're having fun. When you're having fun at work, everything gets done quicker - what's not to like? Gamifying some parts of a job can be tremendously beneficial to both team morale and overall productivity.

Gamification is good for work culture

Some things you do just because you have to. No longer so with gamification: even boring chores become part of an engaging, fun experience. Your team no longer does things out of obligation - they do them because they want to.