Customer feedback

author Sugester Team , 2015-05-18

Collecting customer feedback is a must if you're serious about improving your product. But how exactly should you go about it? There are several things you can do fairly quickly and easily.

One simple solution is to start a product forum on your website. It would serve a double purpose - not only would it enable users to leave valuable feedback, but also enable them to form a community around your business. Moreover, it would naturally become the place for your users to ask and answer each other's questions, thus decreasing the workload on your help desk team.

Another idea is to include a feedback widget on your website. This is usually extremely simple - all you have to do is paste a short piece of code provided by the widget's creator. An always-visible (but also unobtrusive) widget is a great solution for collecting customer feedback because it provides the user an opportunity to share his or her impressions while they're still fresh in their memories.

Our third solution for collecting customer feedback is to simply survey your customers. You can do so in many ways - through a survey box on your website, by adding an interactive survey in your e-mail footer, or sending out a survey by e-mail. This is a great way to quickly obtain answers to the exact questions you have on your mind.

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