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author Sugester Team , 2015-07-10
Zen is not always the best choice

Customer support for small companies: a Zendesk alternative

Running a business is hard - believe us, we know. But even after you've invested time, money and passion into building your company and managed to build a large customer base - the work's not over. Taking care of your clients can be harder than you think - believe us, we know.

We went through the same process and had the same realization - having customers is at the same time very good and very exhausting. We looked at the existing help desk/service desk management software, and found that it was bloated, unwieldy and often prohobitively expensive. So we decided to build a Zendesk (or Freshdesk, or Helpscout, or any other number of similar solutions) alternative. Our software would be lean, simple and affordable. I think we've succeeded - look at the price comparison below.

Pricing comparison: Sugester vs Helpscout, Freshdesk and Zendesk

  minimum plan
(10 agents)
medium plan
(10 agents)
maximum plan
(10 agents)
Sugester $19 / month $19 / month $99 / month
Helpscout $150 / month $150 / month $150 / month
Freshdesk $105 / month $250 / month $700 / month
Zendesk $20 / month $590 / month $1950 / month

As you can see, there is no competing with us on the price. Still not convinced if you want to buy? Check out Sugester yourself, completely free.

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