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Sugester CRM is a simple yet powerful customer relationship management tool. The app is centered around and advanced client database, enhanced by indispensable features like deal tracking, funnel chart generation, recurring reminders, client sorting and full email integration.

Adding our live chat to your website is as easy as it gets: just paste a code snippet into your page's source and you're ready to go. You can start chatting with your customers right away - it's the perfect tool to engage and convert visitors.


The main aim of Sugester Helpdesk is to reduce the time it takes to resolve customer tickets. If your company has shared email addresses (such as this is the solution for you - our app will help you make sure that all email gets answered promptly and by the right team member.


Good planning and organization are key elements of running a successful business. Sugester lets yoou easily create and assign tasks, group them into projects and subprojects and measure how long they take to complete. Each task can include a deadline, priority, estimated completion time, attachments and more.


Sugester Knowledge Base is an easy-to-use, advanced content management tool allowing you to build a professional self-service help portal without any technical knowledge. You can write, format and edit all your entires within our intuitive WYSIWYG editor - no programming required.


What better way to build a manageable community around your product than by starting a forum? Your Sugester forum can also serve as a sounding board for complaints, suggestions, ideas and more - all that without having to deal with unwieldy social media.

Customer profiles »

Always have key customer info handy

Interaction history »

Keep a record of all interactions with your customers

Financial history »

What do you get out of your customer relationships

Cyclical reminders »

Make sure that you contact your customers regularly

Customer grouping »

Organize your customers into groups

Reporting »

Generate funnel charts and much more

Unified communications »

Make phone calls and write e-mails directly from Sugester

Automated ticket assignment »

Make sure that tickets get resolved on time

Interaction statistics »

Useful statistics on interaction duration and frequency

Document management »

Upload, categorize and browse documents within Sugester

Embeddable widget »

Place our widget on your website in under a minute

Live site view »

Watch your visitors' actions in real time

Notifications »

Receive push notifications on desktop and mobile devices

Full customization »

Make the widget your own by adjusting its look and feel

Offline messages »

Accept chat messages even when you're not around

Searchable archive »

Easily access all archived chat conversations

Visitor information lookup »

Instantly see basic information about your conversation partner

Persistent sessions »

Pick up your conversations right where you left them off

Time tracking and analytics »

See what takes up all your time

Activity tracking »

Keep track of what's going on in your business

Timesheets and work tracking »

Easily track and account for your time

Canned responses »

Create canned responses for frequently asked questions

Reponse rating »

Make sure your customers are satisfied with your responses

Simple timesheets »

Create timesheets on the fly

Time tracking »

Track response times and more

Prioritize »

Make sure everything gets done on time

Assign tasks »

Choose the right person for the job

Team member privileges »

Control access to information & functionalities

Postpone tasks »

Some things can wait

Projects »

Create projects, assign team members and manage visibility

Task categories »

Arbitrary task grouping

Online knowledge base »

Questions and answers - plain and simple

Widget for your site or app »

Always have help handy

Help clouds »

Pop-up tips and information about your product

Personalized layout »

Integrate the Knowledge Base layout with your app/website

Activity notifications »

React to customer feedback

User privileges »

Granular controls for setting user privileges

Multi-lingual interface »

Be understood across language barriers

Import and export content »

Replace your paper handbook with an online Knowledge Base

Intranet Knowledge Base »

Company know-how available to all team members

Knowledge base integrations & extensions »

Extend the functionality of your Knowledge Base with just one click

Forum »

Create a community around your product

Tab »

Make it easy for your customers to ask for help

Personalization »

Make Sugester blend in with your page

Privacy »

Only show people what they need to see

Notifications »

Always know what's on your customers' minds

Users »

Manage user privileges with ease

Languages »

Get your message across in multiple languages

Betatests »

Run betatests on new features and collect feedback

Gamification »

Reward top user contributors and most productive team members

Voting »

Always know what your customers want the most

Facebook »

Take advantage of the biggest social network on Earth

Integrated with Plivo and Telecube »

Use the best VoIP providers around

Softphone integration »

Make and receive calls staight from your computer

Contact history »

Keep track of email and phone conversations in one place

Call analysis »

Gain valuable insight into every single phone call

Call notes »

Easily add notes and summaries to every phone call

Consultant comparison »

View aggregate, personal and comparative call statistics

Client lookup »

Sugester automatically displays client info so you always know who you're talking to

Custom addresses »

Keep your old email address and maintain continuity of communications

Unlimited mailboxes »

Sugester allows you to service unlimited mailboxes on your account

Shared inbox »

Shared inboxes make dealing with group addresses (eg. '') a breeze

Multiple companies/depts »

Manage multiple companies or departments within the same account

SMTP mail »

Use any SMTP provider to guarantee the highest deliverability of your business email

Custom footers »

Easily create professional footers using graphics and HTML markup

Canned responses »

Save time by creating templates of answers to frequently asked questions

Delivery tracking »

Make sure that every email gets where it's supposed to - and track it along the way

Advanced editor »

Create emails with advanced formatting using our WYSIWYG editor or by designing your own HTML templates

Filters »

Automate repetitive email management tasks by creating advances custom filters

Group mailing »

Avoid BCC snafus thanks to our innovative group mailing feature

Mail archive import »

Easily upload mail archives from third-party software and providers

Threaded view »

Easily keep track of long exchanges thanks to Sugester's threaded view of mails

Experience rating »

Include a short satisfaction survey at the end of your emails to ensure high quality customer support experiences

Autoresponder »

Send automated replies and notifications to your customers

Mailing lists »

Create mailing lists and easily send email to multiple recipients

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